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Marriage & Couples Therapy

I have a bias towards couples staying together, as long as there is no saftey concerns. Not all therapist share this view, even 'marriage therapist'.  Divorce and or separation are very difficult paths to travel and if a couple is motivated enough to seek counseling then I believe there is hope for the relationship to be challenged and grow.

Whether you choose to stay together, separate, or are undecided,  infidelity in a relationship is earth shattering.  The betrayal can corrupt future relationships as well.  Dealing with infidelity and healing the wounds, is paramount to being emotionally available in any relationship.

Finding help during divorce is  a necessity.  Divorce is the most crazy time in any persons life.  There is actually a book called 'Crazy Time',  I encourage my clients to read.  It is an excellent example of how 'normal' it is to be 'crazy' during divorce.
Pre-marriage counseling is available at a reduced rate (also available for second/third...).  The first year of marriage is considered the most difficult. Pre-marriage counseling does not guarantee you wont have problems but rather looks at various ways to communicate your needs and wants in a relationship, assess for potential bumps in the road, and provides tools to smooth the transistion.