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Birth Plans to Parenting Plans

 "you start being a parent the minute you find out you are pregnant."

                                                 - g. grahm, nurse

Many couples spend countless hours researching and planning the birth of their child but not so much on how they are going to parent their child.  We can work together to develop a strong family unit while maintaining both your individual identity and strengthening your relationship as a couple.
Unfortunately the highest time of divorce in a family's lifecycle is when a couple has children between the ages of 0 and 5.  By focusing on your hopes and dreams as a couple and a family we can develop a plan that leads you forward together.
'Family Unity Plans' are an agreement between couples to commit to their unique style of parenting and maintain a high sense of marital satisfaction.  Ideally, the basis of the plan is to encourage communication between the couple before the child is born, but any couple can work on their plan at any time.  Having open discussions of expectations, reviewing parenting styles and philosophies, looking at how the couple views the concept of family, how and when traditions and family rituals are created, etc.  Rearranging your home for a newborn is only the beginning of parenting.

Moving from couplehood to family presents a multitude of feelings, from intense excitement to overwhelming fears.  This precious time in a couples life can be marked by well-meaning family and strangers giving unsolicited advice, sometimes more than we would ever ask for.

As part of my pro-bono work I provide psychoeducational training for child birth classes regarding early childhood parenting and "Family Unity Plan" development.  

(I offer Pro Bono seminars, to local Child Birth Educators and Doulas, presenting  'Birth Plans to Parenting Plans' to their clients.)

A primary role of parenting is discipline.  I work with parents to discover alternative ways to discipline their children to create a healthier/happier family life.  These techniques are based on positive discipline, understanding natural and logical consequences, and balancing family time with individual time.