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Child & Adolescent Therapy



Creating a happy, stable family is the most valuable resource our children have.
One of the primary roles of parenting is discipline. It is said that the word 'discipline' stems from the word 'disciple' which means; to lead, to teach, to instruct.  When I work with parents I am always encouraging them to think, 'what did my discipline teach my child'.

I work with parents to discover alternative ways to discipline their children within the context of their family values and beliefs. Techniques are based on positive discipline, understandinng natural and logical consequesnces, and balancing family time, couple time and individual time.


Children & Adolescents
In today's world our children face tremendous challenges in schools while learning to cope with peer pressure. They are at a tender age where they develop a sense of self, and this stays with them from childhood through adulthood. Resiliency is directly connected to a strong self-image.  Depending on the age of your child and your goals for therapy, we will discuss which treatment approach you feel is best suited.